Whistler, a renowned mountain resort, captivates visitors with its year-round allure. Winters bring world-class skiing and snowboarding on the iconic Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, while summers transform the landscape into a mountain biking haven with thrilling trails weaving through lush forests. Meander through the pedestrian-friendly Whistler Village, a vibrant hub pulsating with life, where charming boutiques, diverse dining, and cultural gems await against a backdrop of majestic peaks.

Squamish emerges as the outdoor adventure capital, with the awe-inspiring Sea-to-Sky Highway leading the way. Gaze upon the towering Stawamus Chief as it guards the landscape, offering challenging hiking trails for enthusiasts. For the thrill-seekers, Squamish boasts world-renowned rock climbing, kiteboarding, and zip-lining experiences, all set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean.

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