Batbold Jamsran

CEO and Founder, Visionary Explorer

As the founder and CEO of Selena Travel, Batbold Jamsran is the visionary behind our two-decade legacy of exploration. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Batbold's leadership has guided Selena Travel from its roots in Mongolia to its expansion into China, Siberia, and now Canada. His passion for discovering new horizons and fostering meaningful connections with people and places is the heartbeat of Selena Travel Canada.

Sam Hauer

Product Manager, Crafting Your Adventures

Originally hailing from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Sam is the architect of your personalized adventures. Growing up in Southern Ontario and now residing in Vancouver, Sam has a deep understanding of Canada’s diverse landscapes and cities with a particular niche for Ontario and British Columbia. Sam meticulously creates seamless packages and uncovers the best activities and attractions from every province and region. As an avid fisherman and mountain biker, Sam’s adventurous spirit ensures every journey reflects your aspirations.
Tell: +1 800 203 7491

Marianna Page

Operations Manager, English/Spanish

Marianna came to Canada from Canberra, Australia, where she worked as a travel agent and would regularly exceed her customers’ expectations with expertly planned travel itineraries. She has spent the last three years living in British Columbia’s spectacular Sea to Sky corridor, where she has gained firsthand knowledge of tourism in Canada and forged relationships with many local service providers. She has drawn on this previous experience and knowledge to deliver travel packages executed down to the smallest detail. Out of the office, Marianna can be found dancing, enjoying the outdoors at one of BC’s many summer festivals or recovering from a hike over a craft beer.
Tell: +1 855 926 3224

Anar Zoljargal

Executive Assistant, Back of House Organizer

Meet Anar Zoljargal, our Executive Assistant, who ensures the smoothness of our team's operations behind the scenes. With a keen eye for details and an unwavering drive for a positive and productive work environment, Anar serves as a supportive bastion for Selena Travel Canada.

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